In my reporting I try to focus on human rights, religious conflict, environmental degradation and financial malfeasance…but I can sometimes be persuaded to report about food and drink too. 

I’m a TV, radio and magazine journalist, based in London, and often on the road. My work has allowed me to see the world and meet its people, combining several things that I enjoy; travel, writing, filming, recording…and questioning those in authority.

I’ve learned it’s possible to conduct serious investigative journalism and have an adventure at the same time. I’ve ridden an insurgent’s motorbike up mountain ravines on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border; hunted seals with an Inuit family in Canada’s Arctic north; jumped out of a kidnappers’ car in the Democratic Republic of Congo; been expelled from Uzbekistan for trying to report on religious persecution; survived a bomb blast intended to assassinate a world leader, and interviewed Iran’s most wanted man in a desert compound before he was captured and executed. 

Having spent time living in both New York and London I’ve met a lot of inspirational older journalists. I’m proud to call myself a reporter and try always to follow in the best traditions of my profession. I meet individuals across the world who live without the freedoms I take for granted; orphaned children who live in fear of state-sponsored violence, or small communities suffering at the hands of greedy government officials or unscrupulous corporations. I believe it should be my job and responsibility to give these people a voice, to shine a light on their difficulties.

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